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Friday, September 01, 2006

things you can tell just by looking @ him

i am a sex maniac.

i love sex - at times, i crave it. an urgency that fires up in the synapses - and eventually makes it way downtown. since losing my cherry 12 years ago, sex has played a significant part in my worldview.

the term 'sex addict' was lobbed at me once. a term that i feel, for me, is not accurate. close to the mark, perhaps, but not accurate. i won't neglect other areas of my life for a good lay - but i will consider doing some rearranging if the session is promising enough. 'functioning sex fiend' is probably a more accurate description of my life and behavior.

i've done 1:1, threeways, sex parties, and bathhouses. i've watched, been watched, was filmed and have had pictures taken.

i enjoy all the usual staples: fucking, sucking, rimming, assplay, hand jobs. 69ing, though? zzZZzzz. the mere suggestion is grounds for immediate disqualification. do not pass go and go directly to jail. no parole. severe? absolutely - but a guy's gotta have limits.

i also enjoy what could be considered 'calamari' on the menu of sex acts - acts that are an acquired taste. acts that a man definitely needs a sophisticated palete for.

("why yes, B2, i will take a piss on your chest."). i think you get the idea.

i'm reasonably good-looking: tall, masculine looking, a fairly disciplined build. not drop-dead gorgeous - but i have enough physical 'pluses' to make getting laid (fairly) easy.

i have a big dick, too. that always helps.

dick size aside, i don't look like a fiend. when one hears the phrase, sex maniac, one thinks of cheap cologne, gold necklaces and (untrimmed) chest hair. someone with the name of "Herb" or "Bruce". i don't come remotely close to those trappings.

i look wholesome. vaguely mid-westerny. my physical appearance conjures up images of thanksgiving dinner and picnics in the park. an extra from a gap commercial.

but visual expectation aside, i am a nice guy. i strive to be considerate, thoughful and creative to my partner(s) in the sack. i may make a dude choke on my dick - but it's always because he wants to.

aside from the dreaded 69-ing, i get off knowing that the dude i'm with is not only getting off - but really is enjoying his own journey in getting there. otherwise, the whole "fucking around" part? is pointless.

but i'm digressing. these are my stories.

hope you enjoy.


Blogger The Average Joe said...

I never will or never can understand the whole concept of 69ing. at best its pragmatic in a time crunch at worse using the same principles of mutually assured destruction for sex.

10/12/2006 6:11 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

your self description has only intrigued my senses to read more of you.

1/06/2007 9:23 PM  

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