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Monday, September 04, 2006

bound + determined

when tricking, i used to only have two essential questions. they were:
1. how big is your dick?
2. do you like to get fucked?

as time progressed, i found myself adding

3. do you have a sling?
4. what kind of kink do you do?

i know. a trick question and mightily unfair to have it so open ended. but i had learned quickly that being too specific could scare off those who could be eased into something. or worse, attracting someone who would exaggerate just to close the deal.

considering my limited options in wisconsin, chicago was a kink smorgasbord. in wisconsin, i only had Spike (more on him in a bit) to really explore my kinked side. in chicago, 3 out of 8 guys were basically Spike Redux.

plus, looking fresh-scrubbed and wholesome (a misconception i deliberately encouraged) usually helped in drawing in those intrigued with the possibility of 'corrupting' me.

however, at times it would backfire. there was always a dude who would take a pass. the explanation being that i seemed too straight-edge for their tastes.

it's never a good thing, having to taste my own medicine.

if only they knew of my boots and yellow jock. my deftness in wielding a riding crop (papi spank!). my desire to be a treasure island media exclusive.

my foray into kink started when I was still in wisconsin. Couple #2 had, what I affectionately called, a 'playsement'. they had converted the entire basement of their home into a full fledged Hellfire Club-level dungeon.

you name it - they had it. if your imagination is running wild at this point - it is safe to assume they did indeed have what you just thought of.

i called it Lick-My-Boot Camp (har...har?) - and i spent some very educational sessions with them learning the basics of kink sex ("Oh, so *this* is how to use a Cat-A-Nine-Tails...").

but after awhile, one of the gents became too insistent. already wary of playing with couples in ongoing formats (due to experiences with Couple #1 from a few years back), I broke off communications.

then, right before i moved to chicago, i meet Spike. and i became his 'boy'. every sunday, Spike would bring his accoutrement to my flat. and even though i was still a functioning top - i was still spike's bitch.

watersports. spanking. restraints. dom/sub play.


yeah, i said it. and yeah - it was hot as it sounds.


Blogger The Average Joe said...

hey man i didnt know i was such a sex pig in bed until i met this hot arab dude, who slowly eased me into conversation about cum and pig play. within 2 months of being a champion of condoms i was moaning away as he bred me

10/12/2006 5:15 PM  

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