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Thursday, September 14, 2006

me so porny (me love you long time)

while in nyc, i was (of course) horny and needed to pop one off. it was late at night, and with the next day being an early one - i was not in the mood to engage in the whole 'search & negotiate' bull required to get an out-of-town lay. so i decided to check out the hotel 'adult entertainment' list.

i discovered that the hotel (at least from the chain i stayed at) listed gay pornos with all the hetero porn. maybe i'm behind in this sort of thing, i guess i should expected it; nevertheless i was (pleasantly) surprised.

it was interesting to see falcon's 'drenched' right next to 'barbie's bangs her baseball buddies'. the unfortunate thing was that all the gay porn was by falcon or colt.

no offensive to falcon or colt (or the people who watch them), but...ZzzZzzz. the whole fully shaved body and/or boy-next-door muscle god aesthetic just does not do it for me. it's too pristine. too crisp. i like my porn like i need my lays - with some grit, spit and body hair.

and yeah - i know the whole 'manicured' look turns a lot of guys' cranks. but you know what? i don't fuck around with those types of guys. so all it's all good in the neighborhood for everyone around.

i ended up jerking off to a hetero gang-bang instead which. at times, i can get into. for some reason, the guys in gang-bang hetero porn tend to look less polished than the typical porn guy (gay or straight). more rough around the edges. i can jerk off to that better.

but goddamn, i'd still take a guy from a dick wadd video any fucking day of the week. a little variety in the hotel porn list would be nice. not all gays like freshly shaved pubes. maybe i should have wrote that on the hotel suggestion card.

damn. i really need a dirty pig to fuck with.


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