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Saturday, September 30, 2006

the gift that kept on givin'

i turned 30 last week. got some awesome gifts. had a cool party. overall, it was a grand ol' time.

i also ended up with a nine inch uncut dick in my mouth as i fucked one of the tightest (and hairiest) asses i've ever had the pleasure of plugging.

as a present to myself, i gave myself the 'gift' of a threeway.

i don't do 3-ways very often. my experience with Couple #1 killed any eagerness i had in pursuing it on regular basis. and aside from the sex, ties (me up) and videotape sessions with Couple #2, i've been very reluctant when propositioned by couples. navigating a 3-way, particularly with a couple, can be awkward at best and awful at worst.

i met Couple #3 on Manhunt. i nearly turned them down flat. their profile seemed uninspired and their pictures were unflattering due to the double-punch combo of bad lighting & poor angles.

but in the course of the conversation they begin to win me over. i usually like my fucks to be rough around the edges in their approach - someone who will be crass about how badly he needs it turns my crank. if he's all 'i need to get my whole plugged right now.' - is guaranteed to get a faster response than a dude who is reserved. because if they're crass in their approach - they will (usually) be an even dirtier slut in bed. (although i have definitely been wrong on a few occassions).

Couple #3 were insistent, and there was something particularly urbane about said insistence. so despite the bad pictures i decided to meet them. we agreed that if neither party was feeling the vibe we would cut it short. so i go to their place.

imagine my surprise to see how misleading their pictures are.

they're both smoking hot. Gentleman 3A is Puerto Rican, late 30s, with a killer (and very hairy) muscle-bear body: he's all biceps, pecs and meaty thighs. Gentleman 3B is older (40s) and also fantastic looking. he's clearly germanic - with the milky skin and sharp but fleshy features german men are known for.

and how do i know he was germanic? that was due to his nine inches of UNcut dick. it had a mouthful of width and gerth. striated with veins. the type of dick that bottoms dream about. perfect.

but i'm getting ahead of myself.

we move into their bedroom. i spy a glass pipe on one of the side tables; they offer a hit (tina) and a tab of viagra.

now. before i move forward - i'm going to address the whole 'men who PnP are crazed sex/drug fiends'. i don't have an issue with guys who PnP. i've smoked tina to enhance sex play. not every time - but definitely every so often. and yes - there are ALOT of guy out there who have allowed PnP to totally fuck-up up their lives. if drug play is a factor in your sex play - make sure you regulate your shit. drugs + sex really test a person's understanding of his own responsibility and accountability. we all know what smoking tina can do (and if you smoke tina and don't know - i advise you find out). if you can manage it without becoming a crackhead - more power to you. if not - you need to address it asap. either way, know and understand the consequences. that may sound cliched - but it really is that simple. it's common sense, folks.

back to the sex.

after swallowing the viagra - i take a hit of tina. we pass the pipe another round and strip. i strip down to black low-cut briefs. Gentleman 3B is naked while 3A keeps his white jock on. 3A shotguns hits of tina into my mouth.

3B turns on a bareback video. their choice of video gives me high hopes. 3B's dick looks like a piece of marbleized candy; it's all shaft and veins with a mushroomed head sticking out from his foreskin.

at this point, the tina-high hits me. i'm sexually aggressive without tina - with tina...

the sex is un-fuckin-believable. i fuck 3A as 3B watches - stroking his own dick. i suck off 3B's meat while 3A sucks my dick. i eat out 3A's hairy hole as 3B watches. 3B and i double fuck 3A. as i fuck 3A in the tub, 3B pisses on us.

i'm sure you get the idea.

eventually, it's 4am (i came over at 7pm). we finally focus on cumming. 3B shoots first: i give him a good deep-throater - lubing his dick with lots of spit before he goes and fucks his boyfriend. i come second: shooting my load in 3A's ass - already sloppy with cum, spit and lube. 3A decides not to shoot - he's too tired after being stretched open by his boyfriend and jack-hammered by me. but all in all, an awesome session. there are smiles all around.

we have plans to hook up next week.


Blogger The Average Joe said...

I love being the bottom who doesnt cum. sounds like you gave yourself an awesome birthday present dude! good on you. Never had bad sex so far by a guy who liked Treasureislandmedia.

10/12/2006 5:12 PM  
Anonymous gay cum junky said...

hot stories.
glad to see more bareback bloggers out there.
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10/23/2006 12:27 PM  

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