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Saturday, November 04, 2006

the wonder (bread) fuck: the sequel

it's tuesday after work. wonder bread just arrived to my place a few minutes ago. we're in the kitchen; he's drinking a glass of water. he gulps it down, and very deliberately sets the glass down on the counter. stares silently.

i smile at him - no teeth. "what's up?"
"not much. the usual."

boom. we grab each other - tongues in mouths. as at his office, we're careening around the kitchen. at one point, we bash into the fridge so hard the spiderman toy i have on top of it topples, falls to the floor.

"bedroom. now." that? was him.
i flatten my hand and paddle his ass. "i give the orders."
second of silence ticks by. "absolutely."
i whack his ass again. "absolutely, what?"
he almost spoils it by grinning. "absolutely...sir."

we move to the bedroom. it's been prepped. wrists restraints. two dildos. bandana. but his eyes go to the item i've been fixated on all day while at work.

a tub of crisco.

i love using crisco in sex. there's nothing like shoving a wad of grease up a dude's ass and then sticking your dick in. seeing my dick (or any dick) greased up in a guy's hole? beyond awesome.

we had intended to do a protracted Dom/Sub scene and work up slowly to fucking. we both know that's not going to happen.

i tell him to strip. seconds later, he's down to a jock and boots. i bend him 90-degrees on the bed - legs spread and ass out so i can eat his hole. before he arrived, i turned the heat up in the bedroom; so now the room is hot. in no time, sweat has popped up all over him. i can feel beads on my back and running down my legs. he's moaning. hearing this, my dick is now pounding.

i ease him up onto the bed, face down. tie the bandana across his eyes. slip the restraints around his wrists and connect them to the headboard.

WB: oh please sir, eat my asshole out some more.
ME: how badly do you want it?
WB: i need it real bad, sir.

i take my time rimming him. lots of tongue. lots of spit. after awhile, his hole is wet. he's moaning and bucking his ass towards my face. at one point, i move forward to lie on his back. we kiss.

ME: that's what your hole tastes like.

while i'm rimming him, despite being blindfolded, he turns his head to look back at me. and it's that image: the sweat drenched, blindfolded face - with an expression that says he clearly is loving what's being done to him - that drives me to the edge. i slide my dick into his hole.

it goes in perfectly. we moan almost at the same time. and his hole is hot. just from that, i nearly shoot my load. i crouch over him - my dick in him - not moving.

wonder bread or not, he knows what's going on. he decides to flex. i slap the side of his ass. we both laugh.

ME: i doubt you want me to shoot now
WB: not at all, sir. just thought i'd mess with you.
ME: i figured as much. that's why i hate to do this
WB: do what?

i pull out. he makes an "aww..." noise, but moans again as i slide in a finger i just lubed with my mouth. i finger and tongue fuck him for a bit - occasionally using the dildo.

after awhile - i jump off the bed.

WB: where'd you go?
ME: shh.

he still can't see anything, but he twists his head around. blindfolded. spread-eagled to the bed. covered in sweat with his hole leaking spit. i have to say, he looks fucking amazing.

and what was i doing? i was lubing the second dildo with crisco. i slide it in. he immediately starts with the "fuck yeahs" and "harder". i plug his ass with a huge glob of crisco - and alternate the dildo and my dick. finally:

WB: i need it real bad now, sir.
ME: need what, boy?
WB: your dick, sir. a real dick in my ass. i need you to pound me good, sir.

i have no objections to that statement; i'm ready to pound the shit out of him. i remove the restraints and blindfold, get him flat on his back. wonder bread reaches over, grabs another glob of crisco, strokes my dick and pulls me into his hole.

it's a rough fuck. i usually like to pace it - but we are fucking like animals. i hold his legs straight up so i can pound him deep - pulling all the way out and pile driving all the way in.

we look each other in the eyes. you know that look? that look where you know the other person is loving the fuck just as much as you are? that's the look we give each other. we both stare at each other dead in the eye like that the entire time we fuck.

he shoots first. i seed his hole right after that. i look at the load on his stomach and chest - lick some off and feed it into his mouth.

my dick is still in him; but tapped out. i tell him i have to go pee.

WB: do it here.
ME (raise an eyebrow): where?
WB: you know where. clean my hole for me.

so i do.


Anonymous Drub said...

Damn dude... That's exactly how I like it. If I can get some tonight like that I'll be real happy.

11/04/2006 9:31 PM  
Blogger The Average Joe said...

I'm not a smoker but fuck I needed a cigarette after that. You know how to fuck thats all I have to say. The overheated room, nice trick:-) i like, love it when limbs and fur slide because of sweat and have a guy pound you and drip sweat on you. Btw nice way of marking your territory, its safe to say he belongs to you.

I think my hole actually twiched when you held up his legs, since I have one of those insanely tight holes which most guys think they are popping my cherry when they fuck me, grease works amazingly on my ass. I'm not sure if WB feels the same way or not but something about getting pounded in a jock is so fucking hot.

you know even though you did do a dom/sub scene you guys naturally just had it. amazing.

and ill hopefully get a pic up before the end of next week, early christmas present for ya'all.

11/04/2006 10:59 PM  
Blogger libertine di homo said...

right on. glad y'all enjoyed!

drub: your art is a pretty good indicator of your creative prowess sexually, so i seriously doubt you had any issues getting a guy in the sack last night.

taj: if your hole is as tight as you claim - then that sounds like a hole that needs to be popped regularly and thoroughly.

now the both of ya better stop (cock) teasing me with all this talk of hairy holes and not gettin' enough before i have to cum give ya both the 'what for'.



11/05/2006 7:13 AM  
Blogger libertine di homo said...

hmmm....lots of silence after my last comment.

the 'what for' = fucking (as in sweaty, nasty fun).

i hope y'all didn't think i was being assholish with that remark...


11/07/2006 10:31 PM  
Blogger The Average Joe said...

hehe, I'm totally down with the sweaty nasty fun action:-) Hadnt heard from you since your last comment so thought you might be on a business trip or something. two things i love

1) elbow grease, crisco , whichever, best fucking lube to fuck on, it has the best sensation, it feels filthy, best to slide in and out of, makes the best fucknoises and feeeeeels great.

2) knowing that the hair of the hairy hole is stroking a guys cockhead and driving him nuts as he is slowly dipping it in over and over to open up a tight one.

11/08/2006 4:15 PM  
Blogger libertine di homo said...

if you like sloppy, trashy, pig sex (and it sounds like you do) - you should also try j-lube.

if you ever wanted to use a lube that feels like a bunch of guys got together and shot their wads into one mixture - you'll definitely want to try it out.

sticky, slippery and really, really sloppy: it's one of the best fucking lubes i've used. bar none.

11/08/2006 10:06 PM  
Blogger The Average Joe said...

hehe sounds like the devil stick:-). ill have a post up about the time i got gang banged;-)

11/09/2006 1:37 AM  

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