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Sunday, December 03, 2006

procrastination fuck

sunday afternoon. sitting in front of my computer - procrastinating. type. type. stop. type. stop.

finally, decide to surf the web. made the "mistake" of going to drub's blog to read his posting about some illustrations he's sold (congrats, btw). and of course, seeing his art always makes me crazy horny. plus, i had just finished up a workout an hour earlier and my endorphin high from working out also always flips my switch.

after contemplating (and dismissing) jerking off, i get on manhunt. a few minutes in, i run into a guy i've fucked occassionally but hadn't seen in awhile. total dickhound. no matter the time of day i've talked to him - he's always hungry for it. i would consider him as a regular fuck bud - but i also get the feeling he's kinda a mess. so, unfortunately, i keep the fucking down to a minimum.

via IM, i ask him what he's up to.

HIM: looking to get pounded. want to help out?
ME: you have to ask? when's the last time you get fucked?
HIM: last night. still got a load in me. wanna use it as lube?

like i said - dickhound. and a dirty whore on top of it. which is, of course, right up my alley. he's also interactive when getting fucked (i have an aversion to "passive" bottoms), so i know he'll not only take my dick - he''ll also vocalize how much he's enjoying getting plugged. we discuss "instructions", and i tell dickhound i'll be at his place within the hour.

DH: why an hour? cum now.
ME: i gotta shower. just worked out.
DH: don't bother. you know i like you dirty.

of course, being the (excellent) dickhound he is, he knows that sort of statement is a sure fire way to get me hard. and then he throws this gem in:

DH: when you come over to fuck me, keep on the jockstrap you wore when you worked out. so you can wear it as you fuck me.

a quick train ride later, i'm at his place. get buzzed in - head up. the door is already open. i make my way to the bedroom, dropping my coat, track pants, and tee along the way. by the time i get to the doorway, i'm down to my jock - semi-hard dick hanging over the waistband - my cock ring choking it at the base.

he's exactly how i ask him to be: stripped naked, face down, ass thrusted up - all framed by the white jock he's also wearing. as usual, i can't take my eyes off his ass. DH has an average face/body/dick - but he has one of the most fuckable looking asses i've ever seen/fucked. round and firm in all the right places - it's damn near perfect. and tight. every time i've slid in him - it always feels like it's the first time he's ever been fucked.

he's also followed my other instructions: an open jar of crisco sits on the covers next to him. i get on the bed, scoop out a dollop, rub it on my dickhead. he curves around slighty, gives me a grin, and strokes the crisco up and down my dick. he keeps his hand gripped tight as he greases it - his hand and the crisco making fucking noises as he strokes it - getting me rock hard.

(and in that second, despite said messiness, i reconsider him as a potential fuck bud)

i grip my dick at the base, begin to slide it in. his hole swallows my dickhead. i can feel my dick throb as he flexes around it.

"awww....fuck." amusingly, we both say that in unison.

i slide in further - mid-shaft. as i do this...milky fluid froths out of his hole and around my dick.

ME: fuckin' pig.
DH: (squeezes hole) is that a complaint?
ME: (laughs) of course fuckin not.

his hole is just how i like it. tight. sloppy. hot. and i can feel cum all around my dick. i pull out and slam all the way in so the cum squirts out into my pubes. he's facing away from me (we're fucking doggy) so i grab the front of his thighs and jerk him up and back so i'm i can drill all the way in. i'm eight inches, and my dick curves downward instead of up - so bottoms usually need a moment to adjust when i fuck them behind. not this dude - he squeezes his ass periodically but otherwise takes my entire dick like a pro. more cum leaks out - mixes with my pube hair. as i start thrusting deep, i zone out to the wet noises my dick and his ass are making. he's panting through clenched teeth. then he says:

DH: fuck me rough?

i don't even answer: i'm prepped to oblige him. i start to pound him hard.

have you ever had one of those lays where the more you fucked (or got fucked) the harder you (or the top) got? that was what happened. it was like being on one of those vertical treadmills at the airport: the harder i fucked him - the further i got from cumming. plus, he was still working his hole: flexing it and thrusting himself back on my dick.

eventually, i pull him up so his body is parallel to mine - and he grabs the headboard to steady us. if it's a good fuck i tend to sweat (alot) - and this was no exception. sweat was also pouring off him as well - and all the while he's moaning for me to fuck him harder. with one hand i grab onto his hip bone - the other goes to his head to snag a handful of hair. name-calling is initiated: "dirty bitch", "cum bucket", "fuckin' bottom" is bandied about. we begin to pick up some serious speed as i ride him like a bitch. in a matter of minutes, he is getting plowed.

i feel myself starting to cum. i reach for his his legs and jerk them back to drill deeper. his hands fly off the headboard and he drops onto the mattress. i lean over him to pin his arms down in a spread-eagle position on the mattress.

ME: you want this load, fucker?
DH: do it, man. fuckin' give it to me.

still holding him by his wrists, i arch my ass up to jack-hammer my cum into him. we're both groaning like maniacs. i feel myself drop a huge load. every time my dick twitches out more, i slam down deeper into him.

finally, i slide out. he turns around to face me.

DH: jesus. that was certainly different. not that i'm complaining, though. i fuckin' loved it.
ME: sorry, bud. it's been a while. i was horny.
DH: yeah, i figured that out. maybe you need to take a sabbatical from sex more often so you can do that to me regularly.

we both laugh. he looks down - i follow his gaze. his hole looks pretty worn out. its real sloppy with cum, crisco and sweat. cum is still running out. he runs a finger around his hole, sopping up the stream - and sticks it in his mouth.

he finger fucks his mouth - pulls it out and sticks it in his ass. "man, i love sunday brunch."


Blogger The Average Joe said...

motherfucker, I was just checking to see your blog before I started on my homework but now I got a boner. damn you lib, damn you indeed.

Now all I gotta do is haul ass to the Montreal airport and book a flight to Chicago, carry on bag would contain, poppers, elbow grease, a blindfold and a camera.

12/04/2006 9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey bro - just caught your blog. fucking hot. good work.

12/04/2006 1:50 PM  
Anonymous Drub said...

I'm totally flattered! I made you want to get laid? I can bang a nail through my table with my cock right now just reading about it.

12/04/2006 9:45 PM  
Blogger libertine di homo said...

glad y'all enjoyed. this dude totally knows how to ride it - and gets alot of dick because he's so good at it. which is interesting, because if you were to see him in a non-sexual setting, he's very mild-mannered looking. not quite walter mitty - but pretty damn close.

drub, man, looking at your art is a guaranteed hard-on for me. i always have to jerk off or fuck whenever i browse your portfolio.

i'm glad i was able to return the favor with my post. ;-P

12/05/2006 12:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DAMN! Sounds like a perfect fuck...

12/05/2006 5:08 PM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Psst. Hey. You. C'mere. Can you keep a secret? Good. I'm featuring your blog in a future issue of FlavaLife Magazine. ( Why? Because you fucking rock!


12/09/2006 8:46 PM  
Blogger bttm4raw said...

Sounds like a hot fuck! Never tried the crisco before.

12/31/2006 6:02 AM  

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