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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

whose gonna ride?

a few things.

1. i'm now officially an (i)pod person. i tried hard to resist. i even had a non-ipod mp3 player. but the time came when i maxed out its capacity and a new one was needed. but i didn't want to subscribe to that whole ipod cachet apple manufactures. and i was ever so earnest and steadfast in my boycott. but it was futile. i succumbed to its charms last weekend and got a hot little number with 30GB of memory. it's a snap to use, easy on the eyes, and obeys my every command.

it's like having a power bottom in my pocket. that plays music.

2. i work in advertising. and was just offered a position with another agency. they're an "a" level agency, do fantastic media campaigns, and offer killer perks (for example? office is closed from before christmas to after new year's. paid). i start with them in two weeks. i'm pumped.

3. the blog. i'm taking a slight hiatus. never fear - it's a very brief one. remember that writing gig that was (potentially) on the horizon? well, i need to get my ass in gear and prep my submission pieces to make it happen. if it i get it, more details will come in the next two weeks. it's awesome - and totally suited for me. so i need to divert all my writing energy to two great money shots. (there's a hint to what this gig is in this statement).

wish me luck.

4. speaking of sex, i have not fucked a single person in about a week. my dick is hurting to plug a nice, hot hole. hurting. woe is me and my throbbing blue balls.


but seriously, i think it's time to shop around for a fuck bud. i enjoy the "chase" in using manhunt/craigslist...but in terms of convenience, i need something more mcdonald's. quick and easy (with "easy" being in every way you can imagine).

i need a guy whom i can email/call - and he knows to be face down/ass up/jock on when i get to his place. on a sidenote, i love plowing the daylights out of a guy at his place. there's a rush in making a guy my bitch sexually in his own place.

as for fuck buds - i'm considering current lays like wonder bread, but i still need to cast a wide net for auditions.

this is probably going to be a challenge for two reasons. first: i need someone with a really high sex drive. it needs to match mine. my sex preferences are definitely more treasure island media - so i need someone who can match me groan for moan. that's not a problem when you rotate a series of guys. but with the same dude? problematic. he almost has to be a sex maniac for it to work right. and finding a sex maniac who isn't a flake? harder to find than a condom at a tina party.

second: for all the specifying i do in an online ad - there are still going to be dudes who say "yeah, i love to trade piss streams" - but who are only saying it because they want to get laid. it's totally fucking annoying - i hate it when dudes say they will do something they are only half-heartedly interested in. i get off on the guy enjoying himself - so if he's blase about it - it brings down my sex high. but hell - what can you do? it's gonna happen no matter what. guys will say anything to get laid. god knows i've done it on occasion. what horndog hasn't? either way, i definitely need a dude whose gonna ride it raw and rough.

so the search is on.


Anonymous gay cum junky said...

"...finding a sex maniac who isn't a flake? harder to find than a condom at a tina party."

that was funny. trule classic.

11/29/2006 7:06 PM  
Blogger The Average Joe said...

Hey babe, best of luck in the coming weeks. I boycotted Apple for a good while until I cracked and bought both the shuffle (a blissful year ago and then my new macbook which i love love love). hate to say it but mac has won me over.

You work in advertising? interesting... we have more in common then TIM and love for non fiction history, good on you for getting a good job, im going to graduate next year and i can only imagine the bitch work ill have to do in the first couple of years, now the only sad part is i wont be a bitch to a hot boss like you. see that would solve your problem, id bring the cup of joe drop trou with my jock on and away we go.

Writing gig! im psyched for you, ive tried my hand at sitting down to write for things but i never seem to get my act together. I hope that works out for u. Ill miss your blog but hey its for the best.

Hope you get a fuckbud, wonderbread and you seemed to have good chemistry so hope that works out right, are you poz or neg? (if u dont mind me asking, you can tell me to put a sock in it instead of your well.... you know) You said you are big and you like to pound the shit out of it so you need a guy who doesnt get too "worn out". Best of luck with it all mon ami.

be good and i better get an xxxmas post from you. p.s. i remember u requesting a pic, i put one sort of up. check it out :-)

11/29/2006 7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job!

11/30/2006 6:06 PM  

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