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Saturday, February 17, 2007

the story so far...

back online - if just for a little bit. i plan to post some sexventures soon - just haven't had the time to sit down and properly narrate. the following is what has been eating at my time:

  1. work: the social aspect of advertising is, admittedly, pretty dope - parties, dinners, lunches and free shit that is actually cool. but the day (and often into-the-night) portion is still a lot of fuckin work. that said, it's goin' well
  2. working out: honing the bod for the summer. and prepping for my next tatt (which would be #4)
  3. adam4adam: i'm burnt out with manhunt. which is another way of saying that i've boned the dudes on there who were on my list. time to refresh on another site - eventually i'll go back to the 'hunt for some lays. plus, i'm feeling the more flava'ed tricks on a4a. i'm indulging my taste in chocolate and/or "papis".
  4. trick one: 40ish. 6'2 - big muscular thighs with a tight round ass. beefy chest. hairy and shaved in all the right places. bottom - but has a nice fat dick. and most importantly, i can throw him on his back and stick my dick, fingers and tongue in him however many times i want.
  5. trick two: early 30s. farm boy type. former athlete. sucks dick like a pro. he's got a big dick too, so naturally i oblige him.

they both only want release valve sex - so each hook-up has been no muss/fuss. call/confirm/fuck/leave. good times.

also? i've been hanging with a dude. we've been meeting up since December - but the frequency has increased of late. interestingly, we both refuse to acknowledge the developing dynamic. we circle around the topic warily - like two unmarked fighter jets. but we still get laid with other dudes - as we should be doing at this point.

this dude? hot. an artist (he does large scale installation pieces). roughly my height with a skater-boy bod. tattoos everywhere. he's a comic book nut too - not as bad as me, but close. we even watch "heroes" together (shut up).

the sex is crazy hot. on valentine's day? he surprises me with a toy that allows one to put a dude flat on his back, with his legs folded up and back to restrain his ankles next to his wrists. so basically the top has total control to work over the dude's ass. the awesome part? he built it himself.

so much better than gettin a card.


Blogger The Average Joe said...

as long as he keeps coming back till u both get to the next step, AWESOME. yes update more u dirty rotten stud.

ive been using adam4adam a lot recently, get lots of my latin/arab/black fix from it

2/17/2007 11:46 AM  

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