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Saturday, February 03, 2007

bread ain't always bad to eat

i'm back, y'all. miss me? i hope so – cuz i missed you.

lovin' my new job. i'm the point person for several campaigns for the two brands i'm on. plus, i'm doing some supervising. good experience - but busy. barely any time for sex , which, as you can imagine, is a bummer. i've had a few lunch time trysts and a couple of after-work pump/dumps - but nothing noteworthy.

fortunately, I was able to hook up with wonder bread this week.

we've messed around twice since the last fuck i wrote about. and both were hot - but nothing to write about it. since then, i’ve been busy with work - and he's busy with his boyfriend (he's in a "don't ask, don't tell"). and with my recent spell of non-adventurous fucks, it was a definite oasis to fuck around with an experienced slut.

when he got to my place we started making out as soon as i closed the door. in the bedroom, i stripped him down and got him on my bed on all fours - his ass in my face. i dove right into his hole, licking and frenching it. and he, being the courteous lay he is, made sure it was freshly washed but with a hint of that natural guy smell.

i take a good long time rimming him - exploring his hole with my mouth and tongue. i also work a finger (or two) into him. despite all the accoutrement I have in him, his hole remains tight; i always have to punch my tongue in. eventually, he’s facedown and moaning into a pillow, sweat beads forming over his body.

we already had some toys prepped on the bed, so i start alternating my tongue/fingers with a dildo and butt plug. he’s hard now and beginning to stream pre-cum, so i leave the plug in so i can reach around and stroke him off.

eventually, i’m sitting on the bed indian-style and pull him onto my lap - my dick pressed up against his hole. he locks his legs around me while we french. then, he pulls away and looks at me, a grin on his face.

“let’s do it,” he says, nodding his head over to the two glasses on the nightstand.

i party sometimes. not a lot – but every once in awhile. i went through a period where “not a lot” was just “a lot” – but i got my shit together and pulled back. but if i have good chemistry (pun intended) with a regular fuck, its always enjoyable to turn the volume to eleven. hence, the “through the looking (G)lass” drinks.

so we drink it. we clearly both feel it at the same time cause we just start going at it. it feels like electric amborosia is running through my veins. we both have raging hard ons, and our dicks jab into the other as we thrash around on the bed. wonder bread pulls me up roughly and pushes me up against the headboard so i’m reclining with my legs splayed out. he crawls between them.

i shove him down on my dick and he just devours it. sometimes he’ll come up for air, but goes back down completely. my pubes is covered with spit from the head and tea-bags he’s giving me. i'm so raring to go that i feel like my dick might pop off if i don't get it in his ass.

i grab some of his hair and pull his head back. “you ready to get fucked?”
“yeah, man. i need my hole plugged.” there are still streams of spit from my dick to his mouth as he says this.

i grab the lube but he snatches it out of my hand and throws it to the floor.

“let's just use spit. i want to clean it with my mouth once you cum. the lube will screw that up.”

he leans into my crotch and drools a huge load of saliva on my dick. then, he reaches forward and slowly strokes me, tightening his hand around the head. we switch positions and i get him in a partial reclined position on his back so i ease into him. we both watch as my dick slowly sinks into his hole. when my dick is halfway in – i pull completely out. wonder bread looks at me quizzically, and then his eyes widen as i ram completely in, my ball sack slapping against his ass cheeks. i start pounding.

again, we kiss while we fuck. i usually shy away from overt amounts of making out when fucking a dude, but the one-two punch of party enhanced sex sparkage makes the making out exceptionally hot.

i adjust him and crouch up on my feet to pile drive him. occasionally, he pushes me up in order to repeatedly punch my chest.

“hit me,” he says
“teach me a lesson. pop me one in the face. just don’t leave a mark.”
i think about this for a second. “alright. but i expect you to give as much as you get.”
he grins. “deal.”

so i pop him a flat handed one. as soon as i do, his hole squeezes around my dick lsuper tight. ike a vise. so i do it again - and his eyes roll in pleasure. i feel his hole tightly constrict again. and then – bam – he pops me one on the side of my head.

“c’mon man,” he sneers. “fuck me like you’re a real man and not a bitch.”

i shove him against the baseboard. as i repeatedly pump into him, his head bounces against the headboard. throughout all of this? he’s grinning like a maniac.

i admit, I dig the physicality of aggressive fucking. i know a lot of tops who prefer their bottoms passive and submissive, something that’s never been a turn on for me. bottoms who fight to get fucked always go to the front of the line . if a bottom roughhouses me right back – he’s guaranteed to get fuck he’ll want to cum back for.

so thanks to the favors and the smacking around, we are screwing like crazy. grunting and sweating. whispering variations of “yeah”, “fuck” or “fuuuuck yeah.” at one point, i spit in his mouth. some of it hits the side of his mouth and his tongue darts out to lick it up. i lean back in to taste both it and him. the vibe is definitely different from the other times we’ve messed around. we’re fucking like two dudes who’ve just been reunited or are pissed with each other. maybe both.

we fuck. and fuck. and fuck some more. still making out. whispering obscenities and profanities – which just drives us further. he’s tall (i'm 6'0 and he's taller than me), so he easily locks his legs around me.

“i’m gonna cum.”
“shoot on my face, dude.”

i feel the pressure building in my nuts so i pull out. he positions himself so he’s flat on his back. i straddle his face. i see him looking up at me and i begin to cum. i start to shake as i pump a decent sized load of cum on on his face. i sop some up and force some into his mouth. he grins around my fingers. i lean forward and lick the rest off, slowly feeding my load into his mouth.


Blogger The Average Joe said...

about bloody time i got to be the first one to comment again. yeah yeah hot sex... first congrats to you being the point person for managing two brands, i know how big of a deal it is, congrats.

alright now we get to the business of me sending a box of havannas to the wonderbread.

Sounds like a fucking amazing fuck man. Ghb just makes it that much more animalistic. I tried E for the first time on monday, didnt feel too much but its a definitely different vibe than G. verdict is in G is the way to go. and so it seems G is the way to go buddy:-)


2/04/2007 4:52 AM  
Blogger libertine di homo said...

havanas, eh, taj? you should certainly know better than to offer cigars to a man of my type of tendencies.

i mean, c'mon. you never know where it may end up...

2/06/2007 1:10 AM  
Blogger The Average Joe said...

LOL, gives a whole new meaning to blowing smoke up someones ass eh?

2/06/2007 9:54 AM  
Blogger BikeGuy said...

fuckin GREAT post bud!

2/13/2007 2:08 PM  

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