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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

getting on a morning train

as i've had a few days since i left my old position and starting my new - i've been killing time by being idle. visiting friends, spending time with p1, and excessively playing marvel: ultimate alliance.

and fucking anything with a (tight) hole, of course.

this morning, i found myself communicating with dude who was hyping himself as the main attraction for a gang-bang. based on his pictures he looked pretty decent: a (somewhat) short, very hairy guy with some seriously thick slabs of muscle. in one of his pictures, he was bent over - meaty ass in air - his hard dick bent over and peeking out from under his belly. it also looked as if he was bent over some sort of wood cobble-together made specifically for getting fucked at a 90 degree angle.

(gotta love the ingenuity some dudes will show to get plowed).

i was all set to fuck immediately, but he wanted to get as many tops as he could and promised to get back to me within 30 minutes. and while i certainly appreciated his enthusiasm, i also know the ratio of tops to bottoms in chicago (2:8) and had a feeling he would be searching for a good long while before lining up a significant amount of non-flaky tops.

as with all my online negotiations, i also was prepping a second (and third) dude for action. the second dude (a tall, even hairier fuck) wanted me to cum over and get involved in some seriously raunchy pig play and was pushing the exact buttons to get me hard. dude #3 was a smooth-bodied european-looking dude who was very vanilla - but was seriously turning my crank since he had a killer face and bod and was showing a lot of enthusiasm for some extended fucking.

i was locking in possible when/where with pig-dude (and determining whether to rain-check euro-bottom), when i get an email from gang-bang dude. i'm always wary of dudes who want to get gang-banged because the scenario usually turns out to be A: a crock of shit and/or B: has a top that is "competitive" and feels the need to "out-top" everyone else.

i ask gang-bang the specifics:

ME: how many dudes?
GB: five. maybe more. some may flake out.
ME: this really the real deal, dude? 'cuz i hate bullshit - and i have other dudes who are looking to get fucked.
GB: this is for real. you get here - you get in line to plow my hole.
ME: raw or wrapped?
GB: either. the options are open.

he gives me instructions and time to be there. 45 minutes (and two rain checks later), i find myself going into an alleyway to get to the basement of a brownstone. i have to crouch down to go down the outside stairs that lead to the basement. per his instructions, the screen door is propped open - but the security door is closed. i turn the knob and step in...

...and find myself four dudes deep in a line. GB is bent over the wood contraption that was in his second picture, getting his ass plugged. GB is stripped down to socks, tennis shoes, a jock and a tee shirt pushed up to his mid-back. the dude immediately following is a thuggish (but unbelievably hot) puerto rican who already has his dick out (which is huge and making my mouth water), stroking it one-handed while using the other to sniff at a bottle of poppers. the dude following this (and directly in front of me) is a white guy - hands in pockets watching GB get plowed.

i blow some warm air on my hands, pull my dick out, start stroking very slow. a draft of cold air and a muttered "holy shit" announces the arrival of dudes four and five. they don't seem to know each other, so i assume they arrived simultaneously by accident.

by this point, the first dude is already cumming, and is grinding himself into GB, as GB's thick legs are locked in a half-crouch around the makeshift. dude one slides out, his dick wet with lube and cum. as he leaves, the puerto rican dude immediately pushes in. GB's hole swallows this guy's dick. which is pretty impressive as the guy looks as if he is packing close to ten inches (his dick is clearly bigger than mine - and i'm no small fry at eight). puerto rican dude knows everyone is riveted (and rightfully so) and pulls out fully so we can all see his wet and glistening dick before it sinks back into GB's hairy hole. he's taking his time, occasionally sniffing his bottle of poppers as he fucks him. the platform bucks forward every time he slams into GB.

i'm rock hard now but decide not to stroke: i know if i touch my dick now i will totally shoot. puerto rican dude begins making noises, and sure enough he starts jerking forward slightly as he drops his load. at one point, he pulls out so only the head is in and some cum leaks out of GB's hole.

also by this point? my balls are hurting in an effort not to jack.

the show's not over. puerto rican dude swaggers in front of GB, pushes his dick - with strings of cum dripping off - into GB's mouth. as GB begins cleaning off the dude's dick, the guy in front of me goes ahead and slips his dick in. after getting head for about two minutes, the puerto rican dude pulls his pants up (no underwear, of course) and swaggers out without a word. i'm tempted to clap him on the back for a job well done, but decide not to.

the guy in front of me fucks GB conventionally. sadly, no variation in speed or technique. and he's dead silent as he does it too - just boom-boom-boom. he's done within minutes after the puerto rican left. he flicks his condom (!) off and leaves.

finally, my turn. i grit my teeth as i slide in: you can tell GB is stretched. while not exactly gaping, his hole is fairly loose - which isn't my favorite thing. but it’s to be expected in a gang-bang so i can’t complain. if i want a tight hole, i need to get there early or at least before someone with a donkey dick.

his hole is still hot and also filled with lube and cum, so it almost feels like my dick is swimming in an aquarium. like the rest of him, his hole is pretty hairy, and it’s a turn on to see the lube and drops of cum suspended in his ass hairs. i'm trying to take my time and slowly edge my way to cumming, but my mind keeps cycling back to the guy's 10 incher. finally, i find some focus and concentrate on my own dick and the hole that is (somewhat) puckered around it. as usual, i get off on the visual of the lube and spooge that has slicked up the shaft of my dick. GB is moaning, which tells me he is enjoying the ride as well.

i feel myself cumming and drop a load into GB's ass. i copy PR's move, and slide around to slip my dick into GB's mouth. he opens up and licks it clean. as he's doing this, the guy who was behind me is already sliding in GB's backdoor - another white guy who looks to be 40-ish with a decent face/body since he's already in GB, i don't even get to see how good/big his dick looks. the final dude is a preppy looking black guy. his dick (looking to be nine inches) is hanging out over the waistband of his track pants, precum slowly spooling out as he is stroking. his other hand has pulled his shirt up to reveal a seriously ripped mid-section. he catches me admiring both his dick and stomach - and winks. i grin back at him.

i pull out of GB's mouth, pull my pants up and head out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

DAMN! Hot scene... Stories like that make me want to start fucking poz bottoms...

I would have waited around and then feltched the loads out of his ass when everyone was done...

12/12/2006 10:18 AM  
Blogger The Average Joe said...

speaking of cum suspending in hair, I shot a load all over my chest by the time u were admiring the preppy black guys cock. And yeah I too was about to shoot when the PR was fucking him.

so tight asses, hairy ones even better...mmm might know someone like that:-)

12/12/2006 12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ive decided to crack open some atwood this winter break, which one do u recommend?

12/13/2006 11:26 PM  
Blogger libertine di homo said...

ive decided to crack open some atwood this winter break, which one do u recommend?

it honestly depends. atwood can be kind of a dense read - even with her "lighter" books.

i would definitely recommend "the robber bride" if you are looking for something just for the holiday.

"alias grace" is fucking fantastic - but requires some concentration in getting through. same with "the blind assassin".

there's a few others that she has written that are awesome - but those are the ones i immediately think of in terms of first-time reading.

12/14/2006 8:19 PM  
Blogger The Average Joe said...

thanks for the advice buddy. its wierd i havent read my own countrywoman:-)

12/15/2006 3:09 AM  
Blogger libertine di homo said...

its weird i havent read my own countrywoman

for shame. perhaps a spanking (among other "punishments") is in order for such an oversight.

12/15/2006 7:18 AM  
Blogger Jesse Archer said...

With all the bottoms in Chicago, he's certainly found a way to rise above the competition! Let's hear it for innovative carpentry.

12/16/2006 5:20 PM  

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