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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


it's tuesday. i'm at tattooed artist's place. i had to work late monday night, so we decided to wait to watch "heroes".

i overnight bag.

he suggested it. i accepted. and we both sat in a pool of silence that lasted several seconds before the conversation skipped back to life.

but i'm digressing. tuesday night - i'm at his place. we were discussing the blog - and my recent bout with neuroses. eventually, we discussed the few recurring characters and the nicknames i occassionally attribute.

"am i in it?" he suddenly asked.
i feel the need to evade. "perhaps."
"i want a nickname." he grins around this request.
my eyes narrow. "i'll think about it."
"i wanna be called the tonsil tickler."
"why not?"
"how about annoying tattoo person?"

he lunges. we have a mock chase through his apartment. eventually, we end up back in the living room. wrestling.

he pins me. he's slimmer than me - but very strong.

"fine," i gasp.
he lets up off me, planting his fists on his hips in a superhero pose. "i am the tonsil tickler."
"no," i grin slyly. "you'll be...candyass."
he makes a face as if he's farted. "ugh. that sucks."
"then my work for the night is done."

he fake-grimaces and then leans back in to bite the side of my neck. the bite is a small shock that goes from neck to my groin. then, we make out.

and thus candyass is born.


Blogger The Average Joe said...

you have a noir style of writing, me likie. wonder what the heck my nickname would be.

3/08/2007 8:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was the hottest post of yours that I've read! Hope things continue well with this guy.

3/10/2007 8:57 AM  
Anonymous mark said...

Ha! I like candyass.

3/15/2007 10:40 AM  

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