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Saturday, March 31, 2007

parties - "boys" & "favors"

i'm in a guy's flat. specifically, in a bedroom lit by ten fat candles. as a result, the room is borderline humid - so i'm sweating like crazy. the guy and i are grudge-fucking on his bed.

i'll explain how i got here.

we met on a4a. we had chatted for about two weeks but couldn't get our acts together to meet. his profile pictures were just okay - but something about his emails kept me interested. while he wasn't exactly assertive about what he wanted - there was something in the little he did say that made it clear he was was good at being no good.

today finally worked - and i needed to burn off some steam.

he answered the door while talking on his cell - naked. and wearing only a silver domino mask. i seriously considered turning around and leaving right then. but he pulled me in and immediately led me to the bedroom.

he's off the phone within a half minute of this. but from what i could hear its pretty apparent he's a party boy. you fuck enough party boys - you get wise to the signs. which explained the masked nudity.

ironically, he looks like chris pontius. that is, if chris pontius had quadruple the amount of tattoos. and was gay. and used tina regularly.

but back to the story.

he puts me in his chaps and a collar-to-cock ring harness. he asks if i want anyThing. i decline - but do accept a shot (G)lass of hospitality.

i get him all fours and eat his ass. and eat. and eat. i maybe come up for air a few times every ten minutes. but why bother with oxygen when the aroma of a man's ripe hole is the air i breath? he smells delicious. a little bit of soap - but mostly that strong guy smell. my dick is aching - he smells that damn good.

i fuck him on his back. he's a good kisser - long and deep with lots of tongue and spit. i pull out completely and drive all the way in. he's a bold fucker: eyes open and staring into mine as he flexes his hole. without words, his message is intent: fuck me like you mean it. i stare back and oblige him.

he leans his head forward and bites down hard on my shoulder. i like being bit - but this is rougher than i'm used. feels good. it feels like static lighting. i bark at him to do it again. i haul my dick deeply into him as a response. the grudge fuck vibe re-emerges.

eventually, we break. his phone rings. after a minute PB turns to me: "wanna have a three way?"
"cuban. amazing body. loves to get fucked."
"eh. not in the mood to top two bottoms"
"he's vers. you can take turns fucking me."
"giddy-up then."

45 minutes later, we're all piled on the bed. PB is closest to the mattress, with the cuban plugged into his ass. i'm on top of the cuban (we'll call him marco), my legs spread on either side of him - feet planted on the bed. we're locked in daisy-chain fuck. there's a long horizontal mirror that gives us a wide-screen shot. we all stare to watch the multicolored thighs, asses, dicks, and arms that flex, sweat and thrust.

we alternate. sometimes i fuck marco as PB sucks him off. another time marco fucks PB as i watch - entranced. i occasionally lend a helping hand by guiding marco's 10 inches into PB's hole. he sometimes pulls out so i can clean his dick off with my mouth. anything to help.

at one point an accomplishment is reached: after much spit and coaxing, i fit PB's dick and balls fully into my mouth. his dick is literally tickling my uvula - he gasps and moans.

i fuck marco again as PB watches and jerks off. marco gets PB flat on his back and pounds him so hard that PB's head bounces on the mattress. marco announces he's cumming and twitch-fucks PB is he drops his load. marco pulls out and i go in. the heat and marco's cum/lube is almost too much - i start to cum. i pull out and drop a load on PB's chest. i eat it off - kiss him. do it again. marco leans in and i feed some into his mouth as well.

PB's phone rings again. more party-ish talk. he turns to us, announces another dude will be stopping by to also play.

that' my cue to head out. as much as i like group play - i shy away from the party group play. a few years back, i indulged my taste for play parties. during this period i noticed that two types of scenes occurred once it moved from a 3-way to a group setting: either circular druggy talk that is only fun when you're an active participant (and for this i wasn't) or that tense paranoiac vibe when people don't process their shit well and strangers freak them out.

either way too much work. tonight i had my fun - after showering, i jetted.


Blogger Sixpencenotthewiser said...

You just introduced me to Grudge Fucking. Hot.

4/01/2007 4:09 PM  
Blogger Raven in NYC (aka Mark) said...

well when you make a return you make it dirty and hardcore. very nice.

4/02/2007 4:11 PM  
Blogger The Average Joe said...

I think I might have dilated halfway through reading your post

4/04/2007 12:32 AM  
Anonymous victor said...

Your writing is, frankly, the gauge by which all other sex blogs should be measured. Would "hypnotic" be too sycophantic?

4/05/2007 10:24 PM  
Blogger libertine di homo said...

aww...shut up, guys. you're makin' me blush.

get me in front of a naked guy(s) - and i can easily be the boldest fuck you'll meet. but normal praise? i get all embarressed and fidgety. ironic, eh? but honestly - glad you liked. sometimes i get a little uneasy including some of the more...unsavory elements. there's trashy and then there's trashy.

but then i tell myself to pull it together and get the fuck over it.

4/07/2007 3:35 AM  

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