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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

taxicab impression

it's three in the morning on a saturday. i'm meeting up with candyass in a few hours, so i really should be at home getting some sleep. but thankfully i was still wide awake when i got a call from one of the few guys i'm hard pressed to ever turn down.

he's a repeat - but not like any dude i've ever had sex with. he doesn't like to kiss (much) - just likes to swap head and get fucked. preferably on all fours. but when i do get him on his back - he likes to grab me on both sides of my waist to hold on.

he also has this thing where he likes for both of us to wear baseball hats (turned backwards) and jockstraps (basic white) when we get it on. the first time he requested it - i assumed it was your typical posturing. later i find out he actually is a former semi-pro athlete. and admittedly, he gives the whole jocks-with-cocks vibe a very specific energy that i don't often find in my regular encounters.

but i'm digressing. i'm in a cab on the outer drive heading down to lakeview and the driver overshoots by one exit. he's instantly apologetic. almost too much so - he even offers to turn off the meter. as we head back toward the right direction - i give my guy a call. we engage in the whole "we're having sex talk but not really because one person is in a public place" spiel. the cabdriver glances at me through the rear-view.

we pull up in front of the guy's high-rise. as the driver counts out my remaining bills, i pull my baseball hat out of my jacket pocket - put it on backwards.

he stares at me in the rearview - sphinx-like. i give him the eye right back. seconds elapse. finally he says:

"be sure to be careful, alright?"
the words break the silence into quickly melting floes. i smile back at him. "i always am."

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

amy winehouse

uh-oh spaghetti o's - i'm biting another buddy's post. drub, the bastard, beat me to the punch. so click on over and read his post.

and if you didn't click through - he did a write up about a singer from the u.k. who is receiving an increasing amount of press (and props) lately - amy winehouse.

and you know what? she deserves all the press - she's fucking amazing.

her album - "back to black" - is one of the best albums i've heard in forever. you know how when you buy a album (even of an artist you really dig) - and there's a big chance at least half of the content is filler or b-sides? (yeah - you know what i'm talking about.) no such case here. no fluff. no shitty song stuck between two awesome ones. no front-loading the cd with good songs and sticking the crappier songs in the second half. it's aural perfection from first song to last. she kills it every time.

go and listen. play her lead song (and current single), "rehab". or "you know i'm no good". or the title track. you can't stop listening. despite being 23 - she has the type of voice that knows shit. better - she knows your shit. and both her singning and song production has this incredible fusion of genres and time periods.

and if this sounds like (obviously figurative) dick-stroking, then i cop to it. it's that crazy good.

go buy it. right now.