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Saturday, January 20, 2007

taking a stand

i'm a pretty laid back sort of guy. on principle, i prefer for things to be chill and easy-going. and that always applies to sex. whether it's my sex life or someone elses - my thought is that the mantra going into the sexcapade should be "do what you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone."

which brings me to the subject of this post. there's a blog* out there where the writer also focuses on his sex life. now, i'm always down for (and get turned on) reading about other people's sexual experiences. but what sets this blog apart is the following:
  1. he deliberately lies to guys and will tell them he has a condom on and either never puts it on or will not tell the guy that he took it off.
  2. if they are fucking raw - he has supposedly trained himself to shoot a few streams into the dude. this, after the bottom in question has specifically asked him not to do so.
that? fucked up and absolutely reprehensible. there's no other way to explain it. and there certainly is no way to justify or excuse it. bareback all you want - but it damn well better be between two consenting adults. if someone tells you to put a condom on - either do it - or fucking extract yourself out of the situation. frankly, anything else is tantamount to assault. if someone says 'no' - that fucking means 'no'.

this blogger also claims that he is HIV negative - which (according to his narrative) excuses his behavior. it doesn't. neg or poz, it's an amazingly punk-ass and cowardly way to behave. plus? if you can look someone in the face and lie about using a condom, it certainly is not unreasonable to think that you are also lying about your HIV status.

this dude is lucky he hasn't gotten his ass kicked by someone in the midst of pulling his stunts. honestly, i certainly don't think it would be undeserved for it to happen if he was found out.

that's all i gotta say on the matter.


*you know who you are. i'm not even gonna bother URLing your ass. because quite frankly, you don't deserve the exposure.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

when he was bad...

"you like being handcuffed, son?"
"yes, sir."
"you gonna do everything i tell you?"
"then let's begin."

and we do. he's crouched in a cage, sweaty and dirty. he's wearing nothing but leather chaps, boots, and a chain link collar. and he's clearly into it because he's already hard. occasionally some pre-cum dribbles out from his dick. he rubs his finger across the head of it to get a taste. he's eager to be Sub'ed out.

and "he" happens to be me.

i'm in a basement. it belongs to a Dom i've talked to online before. he's always wanted to have me over - but i usually decline. the urge to Sub, for me, is pretty sporadic and happens on the fly. but the appeal of a fully furnished dungeon sounded intriguing - and i was in the mood to suck a guy's dick. so i relented.

hence the cage. with all things sex related - i like to give 100 percent. that includes being treated like a dirty bitch.

"you been bad?"
"oh yeah, dad."
"how bad?"
"filthy, sir."
"show me. show me exactly how these boys of yours suck you off."

he knows i'm a top - and gets off when i tell him about the dudes i fuck. he definitely likes hearing how i "force" someone to give me head.

but this time - he wants me to show him.

when i got there, we talked for a bit - had a few beers. i had a vicodin beforehand - so that along with the miller lite - loosened me. i tilt my head towards the grating. his dick hovers - than slides in my mouth. i take it in one swallow.

the times i've gone to bathhouses - i go to town in the glory hole room. with me being an unapologetic top - one would think i would be the first to stick my dick through the hole. but nothing gets me harder than tasting a dick that's all mushroom head, veins, and ready to drop a load in a willing mouth.

so i'm giving him head. at times he angles himself so i can work on his balls. he's shaven (not that i mind hair) so after a while his nutsack is shiny with spit. sometimes he slaps my face with his dick so spit runs down my face and chin. at one point, he pours some of his beer he's been swilling onto my face and his dick as i give him head. this goes on for a good long while (not that i'm complaining). then suddenly, he says:

"be right back."

he pulls away, heads out the basement. i hear him go up the stairs. so i squat there. in a cage. covered in beer. and spit. and pre-cum. seconds stretch into a minute. and that minute becomes a few - at least five or so. my dick goes soft.

finally, i hear him come back down. without missing a beat, he walks right up to the cage. he holds his dick out. and takes a leak.

warm. slightly yellow. slight smell - but nothing overpowering. his piss streams down my neck and across my chest. almost instantaneously, i'm hard. because i'm squatting, i lean back so his piss splashes across my crotch and hard dick. some of his piss gets on his boots. we both eye this at the same time.

"clean them" is all he says.

he unlocks the cage and hoists me out. the funny thing is, i stand a good head taller than him (i'm 6'0"). but in this setting - he's the boss. what he says goes. so i go to work on his boots. he's wearing steel toes - so he's courteous enough to stand completely still. i pretty much stuff the whole front portion of his boots in my mouth - savoring the taste of the leather. he tips up slightly, and i clean the front part of his cleats.

"you like that piss, son?"
"absofuckinlutely, sir. can you give me more?"
"if you're a good boy. you ready for what you came here for?"
i can't help but grin. "anything you say, sir."
"yeah, that's kinda the idea."

he handcuffs me to his wall. his "playroom" is a converted basement - and it's stocked. the aforementioned cage. bars and rods and several other ways to restrain someone(s). an assortment of handcuffs. a sling. harnesses. you get the idea.

after restraining me, he gets a bottle of baby oil. squeezes some on my dick. slowly jerks me off. speeds up. stops. takes a few steps back and just stares. stares in that way (and you know what i'm talking about). strokes himself. and moves back and starts to jerk me off again.

a few pre-set rules we agreed upon:

  1. he could do anything except try to fuck me.
  2. he could have a few of his friends over to take turns (they could not fuck me either)
  3. he could piss on me - often - but i would only drink/taste of my own volition.
  4. he could take polaroids - only i could keep them

he opted not to have other guys over; he wanted me all to himself (his words). and he was definitely using this alone time to take things at his leisure (again - no complaints here).

so he spent our time together edging me towards cumming. which ties into our next agreement. i had to tell him when i got close. and every time i told him - he would stop. sometimes he would take that break to jerk himself off. other times he would "mock" me - remind me of how it must feel to be so close and not be able to cum. other time, he would just smoke and stare.

sometimes he would get a really tight grip around my dick and jerk me off really fast. with the baby oiled grip, it felt like i was plugged into a really tight hole. and of course, that would get me close - which would start the process all over again.

at one point, he just jerked off just the head of my dick. we both would just stared at it - shiny with oil - big and swollen from wanting to cum.

after awhile, my legs start to shake. but i can't sink down, because it pulls on the cuffs. at this point, i'm sweating like a pig (pun intended). so along with beer/pre-cum/spit - i'm also covered in baby oil and sweat. and ready to drop my load (and to the floor).

he gives me a sly smile. "you ready to cum, son?"
"oh yes, sir. please make me cum sir. i can't take much more." i need to cum so bad i'm practically whining.
he stands and stares - jacking himself. "just what i wanted to hear."

he grips my dick and stands real close. like thisclose. and starts jacking me hard. but the funny thing? now it's taking me forever to climb back up to cumming. i'm beginning to wonder if i might be too worn out to cum properly, when he uses his other hand to press his finger in that spot between my balls and my asshole.

like a turnkey, i shoot. i drop forward, and he has to hold me by my torso as my whole body starts jerking. the cuffs cut into my wrists a little when i drop - but it feels kinda good. so even though he's holding me up, i pull at my wrists a little to feel them dig into my skin.

i'm still panting even after when i'm able to stand on my own. there's cum all over my leg and his. like, streams. we look each other in the eye.

"good job there, son."
i grin at him. "well...y'know. i try."